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Pregnancy Services

spa services FOR EXPECTING MOMs

MOMease™ Pregnancy Massage $65

Specialized 1 hour pregnancy massage that will alleviate the aches and pains experienced in the lower/upper back; will increase circulation; soothe cramping muscles in the lower legs and relax and calm the senses.  The right amount of pressure will be targeted for the aches and pain and a relaxing belly massage will increase circulation to baby.

Maternity Yummy Tummy $75

It's like a facial....but for the tummy!!  A wonderful and hydrating treatment for expecting Momease™.  This spa treatment will exfoliate dry, itchy tummy's as well as hydrate and alleviate stretch marks with Mama Mio products and serums. A relaxing leg and foot massage is given while the hydrating tummy mask sets. 

MOMease™ Oxygen Maternity Facial  $85
Ingredient safe for women who are pregnant and/or lactating. A deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and added oxygenating facial will brighten sluggish skin, increase circulation and assist with hormonal breakouts that often occur during pregnancy...leaving Momease™ with a healthy glow.  EVERY THURSDAY THIS FACIAL IS ONLY $69


MOMease™ and Dad Couples Massage (1 hour)  $160
A relaxing and therapeutic massage shared in the same room! A great hour of relaxation together before baby arrives.  A 1 hour pregnancy massage for mom and 1 hour relaxation massage for dad.

MOMease™ Pregnancy Getaway $202 (save $22 as package deal)
This getaway is designed for pregnancy/lactating women by using safe products/ingredients for the face and body and a specialized massage just for you and baby!  This package includes a 1 hr  Momease™ Pregnancy Massage, followed by a Yummy Tummy treatment (it's like a facial ~ for the belly) and then ending with an Momease™ Oxy-Facial perfect for you hormonal skin.  LOVELY!!

Barefoot and Pregnant Spa Package - (2 hours) - $175
This wonderful spa package will alleviate cramping to the leg, calf and foot muscles.   The Yummy Tummy treatment will gently exfoliate your dry itchy belly and add serums to hydrate and prevent stretchmarks.  We added some extra time for those swollen, tired and crampking feet with an additional foot massage and mask!   Last but not least, a fully body, 1 hour Momease ™ Pregnancy Massage will rub away the aches and pains felt during this nine month stretch.  RELAX, you deserve this!!

MOMease™ and DAD SPA DAY PACKAGE - (2hrs) - $283
Expecting couples can enjoy a wonderful and relaxing SPA DAY TOGETHER before baby arrives!  Both couples can enjoy a COUPLES MASSAGE (same room) and then a relaxing and deep cleansing facial.  Mom's get an invigorating Momease™ Oxygen Facial to help increase circulation to her face to give a natural glow while Dad enjoy's an Energizing Men's Facial with nice Hot Towels, deep cleansing and extractions!  A WONDERFUL AND RELAXING spa day for the PARENTS-TO-BE!

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