Relaxation Massage    Ngroup:  $59         NON-MEMBER:  $74   

{1 hour} This soothing and relaxing 1 hour massage will calm your senses, soothe tired muscles and increase circulation.  Rejuvenate your mind, body and energy level with this calming and effective massage! 

Foot Fetish Relaxation Massage    Ngroup:  $74      NON-MEMBER:  $89

  This massage is perfect for those of us that LOVE extra time spent on our feet and calves!  This massage is 75 minutes of ultimate relaxation!  1 full hour is dedicated to sooth sore muscles on your back, neck, shoulders, legs and arms....and the final 15 minutes is "soley" dedicated to your FEET and CALVES!! #BestMassageEver

Deep Therapeutic Massage    Ngroup:  $74      NON-MEMBER:  $89

A 1 hour deep and therapeutic massage best suited for those who are high stress, work out fanatics or those who suffer with *chronic pain/injury. A deep tissue massage warms the muscles with deep penetrating massage strokes using elbows, knuckles and other forms of tapotment to aggressivly work and strip away scar tissue and manipulate sore fatigued muscles. *Not recommended for first time massage and those with acute pain. 

Migraine Relief Massage        Ngroup:  $70     NON-MEMBER:  $85

This specialized 50 minute massage will target the areas of the neck/scalp, face hands and feet while incorporating essential oils to ease headache tension.  The Migraine Relief Massage will incorporate a cold eye compress, a cold stone face massage along with a firm, yet soothing head/scalp massage to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by mild to severe headaches.  An accupressure foot and hand massage using hot hot packs to draw blood-flow away from the head.  RELIEF is on the way!!  

MOMease™ Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage       Ngroup:  $69      NON-MEMBER:  $84

This safe and effective 1 hr pregnancy massage is tailored to each individual mom.  Using products safe for mommy and baby, this relaxing pregnancy massage will alleviate the aches and pains experienced in the lower/upper back; will increase circulation; soothe cramping muscles in the lower legs and relax and calm the senses.  Incorporate a YUMMY TUMMY spa treatment to make this a perfect experience for you and baby! 

body scrubs

Smoothie Body Scrub   Ngroup:  $89    NON-MEMBER:  $104

This dry room spa treatment will gently exfoliation the body from head to toe sloughing off dry skin and increasing circulation. A application of our rich Omega body butter is applied to keep the body hydrated and will make your skin feel Oh So Soft!  {Choose aromatherapy: Citrus, Lavender or Peppermint)

Maternity Yummy Tummy     Ngroup:  $75     NON-MEMBER:  $90

A wonderful and hydrating treatment for expecting Mom'ease. It's a facial for the tummy!! This spa treatment will exfoliate dry, itchy tummy's as well as hydrate and alleviate stretch marks with Mama Mio products and serums. A relaxing leg and foot massage is given while the hydrating tummy mask sets.  

body WRAPS

Soothing Oatmeal Body Wrap      Ngroup:  $59      NON-MEMBER:  $84

Colloidal oatmeal is perfect to soothe and calm the body after the winter dry months or post sunburn.  It will also calm irritated skin due to eczema.  We start with a light exfoliation to increase circulation and to rid the body of dead skin cells for better absorbtion of the wrap.  The oatmeal treatment is spread generously all over the body and warmed up with heated wraps while you relax with a gentle scalp and foot massage.  Recommended with those with dry, sensitive skin types are those who suffer with excema or patchy dry areas of the body.

Green Tea Antioxidant Body Wrap      Ngroup:  $59      NON-MEMBER:  $84

Green tea is rich in antioxidants, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Powerful polyphenols found in green tea function as an anticancer agent and has been shown to be the most effective agent against skin inflammation and cancerous changes in the skin.  This luxurious wrap includes a gentle dry scrub to prepare the skin for this rich and creamy green tea mask applied all over the body and wrapped in a warming blanket while enjoying a relaxing scalp and foot massage.  

Prices and service may change at any time without notice.